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Pivotel. Southport, Australia: Donation of several SPOT Trace trackers and satellite subscriptions for use on our ocean current drifters and raft.

Comspec. Alice Springs, NT. Donation of SPOT Trace trackers. Supply of ocean drifter materials, construction and testing. Loan of satellite phone.

Kestrel. Melbourne, Australia. Donation of Kestrel 5500 Weather Meter.

Mpowerd. Melbourne, Australia.

Donation of Luci solar lights.

Provision of a Community Benefit Fund Community Organisation Grant. For activities once the raft arrives in Darwin.

Other Suporters

Oeseli village

A special thanks to all the villagers of Oeseli who have given their friendship and expertise so generously.


Voyage Support Team

Michael Leake, Dave McMaster, Will Tinapple, Jack Tinapple, Jim Miles, Dr Dave Brumitt, Dr Paul Helliwell, Dr James Doube, Craig Mitchell

Indonesia support

Leonardus Nahakus (NTT Museum), Paulina Haning Bulu S.E (Bupati Rote-Ndao), Yusuf Benyamin Messakh (Camat, Rote Barat Daya), Jeskiel Mina Mooy (Kepala Desa - Oeseli village), Pastor Franz Lackner (Savu), Ronnie Suwongto (Baa), Ellen Hess (Nemberala), Edwin Lerrick (Kupang), La Hacienda Hotel (Kupang) .

Darwin support

Dave & Mel McMaster, Jim Miles, Terri Layman, Patrick Josse, Helen Haritos, Lynette Low, Emma Lupin, Lucille Panting & Carolyn Walter (Darwin Sailing Club), Hon. Kon Vatskalis, Hon. Natasha Fyles, MLA.


Alice Springs support

Richard Williamson, Jacob Schneider, Fred Miegel, Olaf Geerkin, Robbie Henderson, Steve Marshall, Andrea Johnston, Steve Morton, Alex McLean, Rani Marshall, Evie Marshall, Becky Marshall, Nigel Jefford, Ken Turner, Steve & Lily Zanca, ABC Radio Alice Springs, 8CCC community radio, Colette Sosinski, Samantha Disbray, David Bebbington



Jessica Sweeney, Andy Taylor, Frank Colberg & Gary Brassington (Bureau of Meteorology - Melbourne), Michael Bird & Christian Reepmeyer (James Cook University), Bert Roberts (University of Wollongong), Dean Falk (Florida State University), Sue O’Connor & Shimona Kealy (Australian National University), Reiko Kono (Keio University), Helen Farr (Southampton University), Ruth Patterson (Charles Darwin University), Organising Committee of the Asia Pacific Conference on Human Evolution, Thomas Whitley (Sonoma State University)


Matthew Flesser (Pivotel), Richard Williamson (Comspec NT), Jared Archibald (Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory), Don Steele (Kestrel Australia), Bill Harris (Australian National Maritime Museum), Graham Lawton (New Scientist), Geoff Edwards (Royal Society of Queensland), Iraphne Childs (Royal Geographical Society of Queensland), Mark Hegarty (BZG)